North Qld Animal Rescue Foster Carer Application

Thank-you for your interest in becoming a foster carer for North Qld Animal Rescue.
Please complete the following form to allow us to assess your application.

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(Our animals spend an average time of 4-6 months in care.)
I.e 6ft Timber paling on 3 sides, front 4ft. 5ft dog mesh all around.

Expectations of NQAR to its foster carers:

- All animals will be desexed, vaccinated (C4 for dogs, F4 for cats), microchipped, wormed and flea and tick controlled as soon as possible after the animal comes into our care.

- We will endeavour to behaviour test the animals we ask you to foster prior to them coming to you, either via the intake officer's own assessment or on the best advice of our vets and/or the animal management officers from the pound we are rescuing from. You will be advised if there are any concerns or a full assessment hasn't been possible. Please be aware that this assessment can only be brief and when rescuing dogs from the pound with no background information it is possible some unfavorable behaviors will come to light once they are in care.

- All animals will be wormed and flea and tick treated by way of tablets provided to the foster carer to administer each month.

- Advertising and promotion of animals for adoption will begin as soon as appropriate photos have been provided (or other arrangments made) and a personality profile written by the carer.

- Any requests for movement of a foster animal will be prioritised according to the urgency and we will do our best to source a new carer for the animal as soon as practicable.

As a foster carer for North Qld Animal Rescue, you agree to meet the following expectations:

- Provide adequate food, water, shelter and care for the animals in your care to ensure they are in good health.

- Provide stimulation, exercise and play, appropriate to keep the foster pet happy and healthy.

- Follow the guidelines set out by NQAR in the foster FB group for settling your foster pet into your home and introducing them to your own pets.

- Administer the monthly worming, flea and tick treatments provided by NQAR and any other medications as needed.

-Teach foster dogs the basic commands of, sit, stay, drop, and how to walk in a heel position on a lead in a calm and controlled manner. Help is available to you via Canine Training School's Dog obedience classes, at various times and locations in the Cairns area.

- Teach cats and kittens proper litter tray usage and basic manners (i.e. not to jump on counters or climb screens)

-Keep in regular contact with the foster co-ordinator and other members of NQAR via the dedicated foster facebook groups.

- Notifying the foster coordinator immediately if there is an emergency involving your pet (e.g. pet is injured or sick or has attacked another animal or person), or it has escaped your care.

- Notifying the foster coordinator as soon as possible if you are unable to care for your foster pet. Or if you are experiencing any behavioural issues, such as barking, digging, escaping etc.

- Provide regular updates on your foster pet including posting photos to the foster group on facebook, that would be appropriate for use in the promotion of your pet to the public.
-Not disclose any information regarding NQAR either communicated to you by a coordinator or posted in the secret fb foster group. To the public. All information is confidential unless previously made public by NQAR.

- Cats and kittens are to be kept indoors/in a secure enclosure at all times. Short outings on a leesh are permissible for cats that have had all their vaccinations.

- Pups under four months of age are not to leave your own property except for veterinary visits or a pre-adoption viewing, as organised by the adooptoins co-ordinator.

- Pups and dogs over four months of age may be taken outside your property two weeks after last vaccination. Ensure this is under strict supervision at all times, we would prefer the dog was not let off lead unless you have had the dog in care for substantial time and tested its reaction to various other dogs, animals and kids in your yard (or a previous foster carer).

- Ensure you are contactable to the Adoption Co-ordinator, or to potential adopters. Our Adoption Co-ordinator will usually pass on your number for the interested party to contact you. If you do not feel comfortable in allowing prospective adopters to come to your home it can be arranged to meet them at a mutually convenient place.

- As a representative of NQAR, uphold the organisations beliefs regarding responsible pet ownership, including desexing and microchipping and educating people in the wider community on the consequences of back yard breeding.

- Advise us immediately if any of the details you have provided above change, including any changes to pets in your household

- Not foster for any other organisation at the same time as NQAR (this is just purely a liability issue).

Please be aware that all foster carer appllicaitons are subject to a property check. Once we have received your form we will be in touch to organise this.